FIFA’s 11+ warm-up programme was today the subject of a workshop held in Bangkok Hospital and broadcast throughout Thailand. Coaches, assistant coaches, exercise specialists, sports scientists, nurses and physiotherapists were all in attendance as Dr. Mario Bizzini of FIFA’s Medical Assessment & Research Centre led a presentation on the programme’s techniques and procedures.

The event was also broadcast via teleconference to hospitals across the country, enabling other football and health professionals to benefit from the scientifically-proven advantages of the 11+. And as FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jiri Dvorak, recently explained, these benefits are considerable.

“Regular implementation of the 11+ warm-up programme reduces regular injuries by 30 per cent and severe injuries by 50 per cent,” Dvorak told the FIFA Medical Conference. “It reduces match injuries by 12 per cent and training injuries by 25 per cent, and reduces insurance costs by approximately 15 per cent.”

Today’s workshop, which was held in conjunction with the Football Association, consisted of two sessions. The first featured a lecture on the causes, treatment and prevention of football-related injuries, and the principles and techniques behind the FIFA 11+ warm-up programme. During the second, participants had an opportunity to put these techniques into practice.

For all present, the lessons learned are sure to prove useful. After all, as Dr. Paisal Chantarapitak, Senior Group Captain of the Medical Association of Thailand and Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Football Association of Thailand, pointed out, injuries can strike at any time during a match . “They can also be so serious that they take a long time to treat and recover from and can have a negative impact on the teams,” he added.

“In order to prevent these problems, and for trainers and medical attendants to better understand the causes, prevention and treatment of common injuries in accordance with the practice of the FIFA 11+, we decided to organise this workshop. It was also a good opportunity to encourage all sporting personnel to learn new techniques and guidelines for the pre-game warm-up.”