The results of the two women’s tournaments traditionally held in the early part of the year, the Cyprus Cup and the Algarve Cup, have had a significant effect on the latest edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking.

USA retained first place despite a lukewarm performance at the Algarve Cup, making it their sixth year at the top. However, Germany are getting closer and closer behind them in second, after taking the title in the Algarve following four convincing victories, including a 3-0 win over world champions Japan in the final. Just 24 points now separate the two teams at the top.

England (8th, up 3) have also reaped the rewards of their strong performance in the Cyprus Cup, their run of wins to get to the decider helping them back up into the top ten.

Also on the up are France, who after winning the Cyprus Cup have moved up to fourth – their best-ever position. That was at the expense of Brazil, who have also been overtaken by Sweden (5th, up 1) to drop to sixth, their worst placement since June 2007.

The results of 142 matches were taken into account for the latest edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking.

Alongside France (4th, up 1), three more teams have achieved their best-ever positions: Scotland (19th, up 1), Belgium (26th, up 1) and Chile (41st).

Eight teams have re-entered the global ladder after a long period of inactivity (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Mali), while Guam, Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda are no longer ranked, which brings the total number of teams included to 122.



USA (unchanged)

Moves into top ten

England (8th, up 3)

Moves out of top ten

Australia (11th, down 2)

Matches played in total


Most matches played

Brazil, Canada, Scotland (9)

Biggest move by ranks

England (8th, up 3), Iceland (16th, up 3)

Biggest drop by ranks

Morocco (77th, down 9), Tanzania (113th, down 9)

Newly ranked teams

8 – Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Mali

Teams that are no longer ranked

3 – Guam, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda