The latest edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking brings very few changes. USA are still in the lead ahead of Germany and Japan, followed by Brazil, Sweden and France. The only improvement in position in the top ten came from the Swedes, who overtook the French to go fifth.

Leaders USA are impressively close to breaking two new records: they are just six points away from surpassing their highest-ever number of points of 2,233, set in May 2010, and seven points away from overtaking the highest number of points ever achieved on the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking, which was the 2,234 Germany achieved in 2005. Just one win against a high-ranked side will see the American women break the record.

Meanwhile England (7th) are very close to becoming the 12th team in history to break the 2,000-point barrier.

Three new sides have entered the FIFA Women’s Ranking for the first time this month: Albania (60th, 1,374 points), Montenegro (81st, 1,258 points) and Kuwait (119th, 870 points).

After long absences, Uzbekistan (44th), Kyrgyzstan (98th) and Georgia (103rd) have managed to climb back into the global ladder. Six teams have dropped out of the Ranking due to a lack of matches played, leaving the total number of teams unchanged at 124.

Within the top 50, nations that have reached their highest-ever position are New Zealand (19th, up 1), Scotland (20th, up 1), Vietnam (28th, up 2), Papua New Guinea (47th, up 1) and Cameroon (48th, up 1).

In total, 74 matches were played, 36 of which were qualifiers for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™ and 38 of which were friendlies.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking will be published on 2 August 2013.



USA (unchanged)

Moves into top ten


Moves out of top ten


Matches played in total


Most matches played

Jordan (9)

Biggest move by ranks

Philippines (76th, up 7)

Biggest drop by ranks

Lithuania (84th, down 6)

Newly ranked teams

Uzbekistan (44th, 1548 points)

Albania (60th, 1374 points)

Montenegro (81st,1258 points)

Kyrgyzstan (98th, 1136 points)

Georgia (103rd, 1100 points)

Kuwait (119th, 870 points)

Teams that are no longer ranked

6 – Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Algeria, Syria, Iraq