The normalisation committee of the Football Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina (FFBH) met today with representatives of FIFA and UEFA at the Home of FIFA in Zurich. This working meeting had been scheduled in order to discuss the process in relation to the statutes of the FFBH and the work of the normalisation committee in this regard.

The members of the normalisation committee, led by chairman Ivica Osim, were greeted by FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini, who congratulated the committee for their work and efforts and assured them of the support of the two organisations they head.

Attending the meeting were all the members of the normalisation committee (chairman Ivica Osim, deputy chairman Darko Ljubojevic, Elveding Begic, Dragan Kulina, Ivan Beus and Sead Katjaz), as well as FFBH ambassadors Dusko Bajevic, Faruk Hadzibegic and Sergej Barbarez, FFBH General Secretary Jasmin Bakovic and FIFA-UEFA observers Rudi Zavrl and Amar Osim.

At the conclusion of the meeting, FIFA and UEFA expressed their satisfaction with the work of the normalisation committee which is making good progress both in the statutes process and improvement in management of federation. FIFA and UEFA are confident that the statutes will be approved by the established deadline of 26 May.

The normalisation committee, composed by football personalities dedicated to the development of the game in Bosnia-Herzegovina, had been appointed by the FIFA Emergency Committee on 12 April.