Alexander Kucheryavy, a graduate from the FIFA / CIES Sports Management Programme at the National University of Physical Education and Sports in the Ukraine, has received the first International University Network Scholarship for the FIFA MA in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport (the “FIFA Master”). Alexander will now begin his FIFA Master studies in September at De Montfort University in Leicester (England) along with the other postgraduates of the 13th edition class.

Aged 29 years, Alexander has extensive experience in the field of sport including management, marketing and broadcasting. He has participated in events such as UEFA EURO 2012, UEFA U-21 Championship, the UEFA Cup, the main football Championship in the Ukraine as well as international competitions in tennis, handball, weightlifting and gymnastics.

As part of the UEFA EURO 2012 in the Ukraine , Alexander has gained work experience within the Local Organizing Committee as a team member in the “Rights Delivery” department. He is now Marketing Manager at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk, which has hosted several high profile games during UEFA EURO 2012, including the semi-final between Portugal and Spain. The experience and knowledge Alexander gained on the FIFA / CIES Programme in the Ukraine has already helped with his professional career during the UEFA EURO 2012 competition.

His professional activities are a logical continuation of Alexander’s passion for sport which he assiduously follows. The list goes on; football, basketball, parachuting, shooting, qigong and close combat to name just a few. He knows, however, to take a few minutes rest with a good book in hand!

For Alexander, who does not smoke or drink, sport is a great way to give everyone healthy recreation – either as an athlete or as a spectator. It also represents an ideal platform for sharing and socializing to be developed

Speaking during a brief break from his work at UEFA EURO 2012 Alexander said, "The FIFA / CIES Programme has now allowed me access to the FIFA Master: It's fantastic ... I will be able to follow the best education in sports management in Europe. In terms of networking, I will have the opportunity to meet representatives of the largest sports organizations and businesses. This experience will be unique and thanks to the FIFA Master I will be able to contribute to the changes in my country and the world.”