Always loved football but never played in organised teams? Played the game and would now like to get involved in youth football coaching? Or, you’re football-mad and want to know how FIFA works with its federations, coaches, clubs and youth leaders around the world to promote the FIFA Grassroots philosophy?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above, our new e-tool is for you!

Since 2009, the FIFA Grassroots programme has encouraged football stakeholders to place a high priority on football development for children between the ages of six and 12 years old. In the last three years, in 70 different countries, coaches have been taught by FIFA’s Development team how to organise and develop grassroots football, with the help of the official FIFA Grassroots manual.

Today, for the first time, presents this manual to all football coaches, players and fans around the world, in a dynamic web application. Now, each and every football lover in the world can access the same knowledge as FIFA-trained coaches, including:

- Basic principles for grassroots football
- Exercises and videos showcasing simple techniques for beginners in football
- Information on a range of other grassroots activities, from training sessions to full-sized festivals and tournaments

You will also find videos and images of FIFA Grassroots activities around the world, illustrating the fun, enthusiasm and joy that every child enjoys when participating in the game at this level.

FIFA invites you to explore the FIFA Grassroots e-manual.

The FIFA Grassroots programme is just one part of FIFA’s overall Football Development progamme. Combined with other educational activities such as FIFA coaching courses, women’s football development initiatives, as well as the PERFORMANCE programme, the Financial Assistance (FAP) and GOAL projects, it supports FIFA’s 208 member associations to develop and promote the game globally. Between 2011 and 2014, FIFA will invest more than USD 800 million in football development.

The FIFA Grassroots programme mainly supports FIFA’s member associations in setting priorities for their grassroots development, as well as helping train local instructors and coaches to become grassroots specialists. FIFA also provides each association with football and educational material.

The FIFA Grassroots programme also places at its core, an emphasis on the notion of both education and fun for the children. It also and promotes mass participation and inclusivity; everyone has the right to play regardless of gender, age, skills, race, social origin and religion.

For more information on grassroots football check the Grassroots section or contact your national association.