Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Center (SSTRC) is the result of a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Capio Artro Clinic. Our ambition is to become a national centre for Swedish activities in sports medicine and a platform for international collaboration.

Our concept is that clinical treatment, research and education should be a collaborative process, and therefore we are situated in the same building at Sophiahemmet, a private hospital in Stockholm. In order to improve our competence in sports medicine, we also work closely with the department of cardiology at Sophiahemmet and the Swedish School of Sports and Health Science as well as Astrid Lindgren Children´s hospital.

SSTRC is devoted to research, education and medical services in sports medicine. We perform research in different areas of sports medicine such as prevention of sports injuries, treatment of sports injuries, research into muscle and tendon problems, research into cartilage injuries as well as research into sports-related injuries in children and juveniles. Furthermore, we perform registry studies, long-term follow-ups on clinical studies and multicentre studies.

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries represent a large part of our research and involve studies on injury mechanisms, injury risk factors, non-operative as well as surgical treatment, and injury prevention. We have an active “research group” consisting of researchers such as PhD supervisors, PhD students and guest researchers.

SSTRC is also responsible for a high number of university courses in sports medicine, sports traumatology and sports rehabilitation, which are administrated by Karolinska Institutet, as well as courses as part of a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Capio Artro Clinic. In addition, we regularly arrange international and national conferences such as the “Stockholm Arthroscopy Conference” and the “European Conference of Sports Rehabilitation”. Today, about 30 different people belong to our group at SSTRC as researchers, teachers and/or administrative staff.

The clinical part of our centre focuses on arthroscopic surgery and rehabilitation, mainly knee and shoulder injuries. We perform approximately 5,000 operative procedures every year and receive about 50,000 outpatient visits. We are Sweden’s main centre for arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine.

Contact staff:
Per-Mats Janarv, Associate professor   
Magnus Forssblad, Associate professor,
Anna Pappas, coordinator,