Partner of CIES since 2006, the Universidad Santo Tomas (Chile) has officially opened the enrolment period for the fourth edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme of sport management. The classes will start in May 2011.

This Programme enables people from various professional and sporting horizons  to familiarise themselves with modern management tools in key areas such as marketing, sponsoring, law, management, communication, finance and event management. Adapted to regional and national realities, the Programme also offers the opportunity to attend lectures given by international FIFA/CIES experts.

Furthermore, the programme enjoys an excellent reputation in the countries where CIES has signed partnership contracts, as former students confirm. “The sports industry is currently undergoing  an intensive professionalization process, in particular in the field of football," explained Jose Ignacio Asenjo from Chile. "I consider that education courses such as the FIFA/CIES Programme contribute towards this evolution. This diploma helped me to further my skills in management and to know better how sports organisations function."

Paula Canepa, an expert in sports marketing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, added: "All people who consider that sport requires professionalisation will make an excellent choice with this Programme. As an alumni of the 2008 edition, I can confirm the high level of the guest lecturers, the quality of the course material and, above all, the great commitment and open-mindedness of those who organise the Programme as well as those who attend it."

The International University Network created within the framework of the FIFA/CIES Programme comprises 14 universities in 13 countries, namely Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Egypt, Palestine, Senegal, Spain, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Deadline for enrolment
3 May 2011

This diploma helped me to further my skills in management and to know better how sports organisations function.

Jose Ignacio Asenjo on the FIFA/CIES Programme

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