Palestine: 25 students to take part in the first edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme

The first edition of the FIFA/CIES Sport Management Programme officially started last week in Ramallah (Palestine). 25 students, most of whom are holding managerial positions within sport organisations, will attend a mix of traditional classroom courses and distant learning classes, organised by the Birzeit University, academic partner of CIES since 2009.

“We should not be ashamed to go back to university and to admit that we can still grow better” declared Abdelmajeed Hijjeh, General Secretary of the Palestinian Football Association. “It is only through the study, the acquisition of new models, the sharing of experiences and the reconsideration of the daily habits that you will be able to improve and develop sport in Palestine”.

For his part, the CIES representative congratulated the Birzeit University for its commitment and dynamism, and encouraged the students to apply their newly acquired knowledge in their own associations and clubs as soon as possible.

The Programme will last until next August. Students will then present a group work related to management issues specific to Palestinian sport.