The Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), the oldest partner of CIES, awarded diplomas to the students of the seventh edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme on Wednesday 2 December in Buenos Aires.

During a relaxed but very moving ceremony, the 45 students who took part in the 7th edition of the FIFA/CIES Sports Management Programme were awarded their diplomas, after more than 6 months of courses.

Dr José Claría, the Director of the FIFA/CIES Programe, emphasized the importance that the latter has gradually gained in the field of sports management in Argentina. He was delighted with the quality of the students and with the excellent atmosphere within the group throughout the curriculum: “It is important for us to offer a space where ideas and experience can be exchanged. We do not only provide work tools, we also focus on the human factor as the core element of our training”.

Vincent Monnier, representing CIES, stated that it was up to the students to make the best of the investment of FIFA and CIES: “It is now your responsibility to share your new knowledge, to apply it within your sports organisations. The legacy of the Programme also rests on your shoulders”.

It is noteworthy that the best group work of the UCA for 2010 is a project concerning “The creation of the Argentinean Professional Football League” undertaken by Luis Fernando Castro Pérez, Alfredo Montes de Oca, Conrado M. Carrasco Quintana and Santiago Ferrara.

CIES wishes the new graduates all the best for their professional careers and warmly congratulates: Nicolás Elias Javier, David, Julio César, Santiago, Pablo Daniel, Leoneth Fernando, Fernando, María Florencia, Conrado Marcelo, Luis Fernando, Claudia Elisabeth, Pablo, Emilio, Martín, Santiago, Fabián, Roberto, Pablo Valentín, Mariano Hernán, Santiago, Ricardo, Ramiro, Martín, Indalecio Ricardo, Valeria María, Natalia, Rodrigo, Alfredo, Rodrigo Alberto, Juan Carlos, Diego Francisco, Javier, Emiliano, Juan, María, Fernando Bernabé, Lucila, Javier Ricardo, Sebastián, Jimena Elena, Diego Martín, Alejandro Javier, Pablo, Alvaro and Daniel Roberto.