The Isokinetic Medical Group was established in 1987. The headquarters and the Education and Research Department, directed by Professor Giulio Sergio Roi, are located in Bologna, Italy, with other outpatient clinics located in Rome, Milan, Turin, Verona and Rimini a well as a new centre in London.

The main objective of the Isokinetic Medical Group is to offer complete and fast recovery from all sports injuries through a multidisciplinary approach and a combination of rehabilitation facilities including gyms, pools and fields. With such a diversity of different specialists and facilities it is easy to coordinate the whole process of injury diagnosis, surgical intervention (if needed) and, most importantly, top-quality rehabilitation. Their mission is to follow the player from the first day after an injury to the last day when returning to the team. Each patient is managed by a “case manager”, the sports physician who coordinates the medical team and plans the entire rehabilitation process, with up to two rehabilitation sessions per day until function has been fully restored.

The centre has a major commitment to football medicine, generating research in the field of football injuries that is particularly focused on recovery after chondrocyte transplantation, ACL rehabilitation in football players, muscle injury treatment and platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of tendon injuries. Close collaboration with the Laboratory of Biomechanics at the Rizzoli Institute University Hospital, directed by Professor Maurilio Marcacci, has allowed Isokinetic to contribute to research into biological joint reconstruction in order to study the relationship between biology, surgery and rehabilitation of cartilage tissue and muscular activity.

Since 1992, the Educational and Research Department has organised an annual International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology. This conference consistently brings together over 1,000 sports medicine experts from all over the world to share knowledge and experience.

After two editions in London, in 2014 the International Football Medicine Community will meet again in Italy, to share experiences about “Football Medicine Strategies for Joint and Ligament Injuries”. The Conference will be held in Milan, from the 22nd to the 24th of March, 2014. The venue will be the MiCo, one of the biggest conference centres in Europe, and the conference will attempt to tackle some of the most common joint and ligament injuries that footballers sustain, through the sharing of experience from some of the world’s best known Sports Medicine professionals.

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