The Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine, University of Saarland, Germany, was accredited as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in October 2009. It is also a licensed centre for medical investigations of the German Olympic Sport Association (DOSB).


The Institute employs physicians with expertise in sports medicine, internal medicine, orthopaedics, general medicine and exercise physiology as well as sports scientists focusing on performance diagnosis and training prescription. It serves as a first-line and coordinating centre of a network that includes the university’s cardiology, orthopaedics and radiology department.


These clinics guarantee a complete service for each football player with medical problems. For patients who need further expertise, referrals to other clinics of the university are possible without significant delay.
On their first visit, football players are usually received at the Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine's outpatient clinic. The clinic is equipped with three bicycle ergometers, two treadmills, two rowing ergometers, one full-scale clinical laboratory (including the possibility of performing FACS analyses), one ultrasound device (abdominal/thyroid/soft tissue sonography and echocardiography including TVI doppler), one body plethysmograph and other apparatus for daily medical use. There is easy access to the outpatient clinic for each diseased/injured football player.


The department also takes care of (non-athlete) patients with any kind of internal, cardiologic and orthopaedic complaints that are related to physical activity. Most frequently inquiries relate to doubtful findings or questions of ability to exercise with a known disease.


Besides the development and evaluation of preventive sport programmes, football represents the main focus of research of the Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine.


Current research projects

  • Comparison of different endurance training regimens among elite football players supported by the German Football Association (DFB)
  • Injury epidemiology after short vs. long winter break in the German top divisions (supported by the German Football League, (DFL)
  • Elite football players’ ECGs
  • Several studies with regard to the application and evaluation of exercise physiology tools and test methodology in football

Recent research projects

  • Routine laboratory values in the German top divisions (supported by the DFL)
  • Football as activity intervention in overweight children (supported by F-MARC)
  • Injury epidemiology in the German women’s top division (supported by F-MARC)
  • Analysis of standard situations during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007™ (coordinated by the University of Paderborn; supported by F-MARC)
  • Indicators of physiological strain in elite football players (supported by a João Havelange scholarship)
  • Physical strain during small-sided games
  • Injury epidemiology in the German top division as known from the media

Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Saarbruecken:


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Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine
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