Department of Orthopaedics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

The Orthopaedic Hospital of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and Teaching Hospital Na Bulovce has the following aims and objectives:


1. Medical care of football players of both genders and all levels of skill on the basis of evidence-based medicine and modern medical technology. 


This care includes: 1) modern diagnostic methods in problems of the musculoskeletal system, such as ultrasonography, CT and MRI,  2) non-surgical and surgical treatment of acute and chronic problems of lower extremities caused by football, 3) non-surgical and surgical treatment of acute and chronic problems of the spine caused by football, 4) after-treatment (physiotherapy) of acute and chronic injuries and 5) testing of the general health and cardiovascular condition of players. These aims will be realised in cooperation with the Institute of Sports Medicine, the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the First Faculty of Medicine.


2. Teaching activities
A) Implementation of the results of new F-MARC research into football medicine for medical doctors and coaches at all levels. The general implementation of the “The 11+” programme at all levels of Czech football represents one of the priorities. B) The courses in football medicine will be organised for medical doctors of football teams at all levels, similar to FIFA’s FUTURO III programme. C) Courses on the FIFA’s anti-doping strategy will be organised for medical doctors and coaches in order to inform them about prohibited substances and doping methods. D) The centre will teach a new generation of medical doctors and scientists interested in football medicine.


3. Scientific activities
Scientific research will be targeted at injuries to the musculoskeletal system, particularly in youth football players, and will be published in medical journals.


Your contacts at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Prague:

Associate Prof. Jiri Chomiak, PhD
Department of Orthopaedics
First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University
Teaching Hospital Na Bulovce
Prague 8, Czech Republic
Tel: +420266082829



Contact person for medical care appointments:
Mrs Zuzana Zilkova,
Secretary of department
Tel: +420266082844
and +420266082829