FIFA Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Jiri Dvorak spoke to the 59th FIFA Congress about FIFA's anti-doping programme, the World Anti-Doping Code and the development of a biological passport. Read his speech here.

At the 59th FIFA Congress held in Nassau, FIFA's anti-doping programme was one important point on the agenda. FIFA Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Jiri Dvorak stressed that almost 30,000 doping controls per year are conducted in football with an incidence of only 0.3% (for anabolics, the annual incidence is 0.03 %).

In presence of the WADA Director General David Howman, the Congress was informed that FIFA's Anti-Doping Regulations, including the whereabouts rule, were in line with the World Anti-Doping Code. However, as FIFA has always been looking for new methods and ways in order to promote a drug-free sport and fair play in football, FIFA is aiming already the next step. "FIFA and the majority of the other team sport federations are of the opinion that we have to look for alternatives to the current system," Prof. Dvorak said.

At the WADA Foundation Board meeting in May, FIFA proposed to WADA to work together on a programme aimed at developing a biological passport, which, among other things, consists of a periodical examination of blood and urine.

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