FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini, are to lead a meeting of national association Technical Directors to be held under the auspices of the French Football Federation in Paris.

The FIFA / UEFA Extraordinary Workshop for European Technical Directors, to give the event its official name, is scheduled to start in the morning of Tuesday 27 January and reach its conclusion at lunchtime on the following day.

Representatives from the other five FIFA Confederations will join the Technical Directors from all 53 of UEFA's member associations to review current youth competition structures at the various age-limit levels and to debate the most effective ways of moving forward on the youth development front. Any reflections emerging from the meeting in Paris will be further discussed with a view to designing a blueprint for advancement.

As the meeting in Paris will be open ended and not a decision-making event, no formal media activities have been scheduled and there will be no media access to the discussion sessions either.