The University Medical Centre of Regensburg, in collaboration with the University of Sports Science Regensburg and selected experts in football medicine, is accredited as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. This cooperation has emerged from a close personal network of institutions and experts over many years and is geared towards professional and amateur football players equally. The foundation of the collaboration is a strong commitment to faster diagnostics of injuries and to advancements in conservative and surgical treatment with the aim to perfect modern management of football injuries. Main focus of research is a "pre-hab" (prevention/rehabilitation) and "re-hab" (re-habilitation) approach to regenerative joint treatment, with a special emphasis on basic stem cell research for regeneration of cartilage and meniscus.

Topics of the FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg are prevention of injuries, development of diagnostic methods and advancement of surgical treatment of football injuries. The establishment of the FIFA warm-up program 11+ in Germany and creation of new warm-up programs especially focussed on the referees and goal keepers are planned as well. Prevention and early detection of cardiac diseases through more standardisation and optimisation in screening examinations - especially of young football players - are working tasks.

Besides professional football, the FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg sees a main target population for interventions in amateur football teams. Both, standardisation of screening examinations of football players previous to a season as well as acute diagnostic & treatment measures on the playing field are being developed in a special task force.

The third column of the program is teaching of football players and coaches, teaching of sports and medical students and teaching of physical therapists and medical doctors in football medicine.

Ongoing research projects in football medicine of the FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg are:

  • Risk assessment of injuries caused by different characteristics of football boots in young players
  • Risk factors of football injuries in high level amateur and elite football players
  • Long term consequences of football injuries
  • Musculoskeletal and cardial assessment of the competitiveness of football players
  • Exploration of career-critical injuries of football players
  • Influence of artificial turf on muscular injuries after the winter break
  • Relation between injuries and warm-up and training programs for referees
  • Specific warm-up and training programs for goal keepers
  • Risk assessment of injuries in Futsal, compared with indoor soccer
  • Optimising the components of emergency kits on the playing field
  • Preventive screening program for congenital cardiac and orthopaedic diseases
  • Exploration of teaching programs in football medicine for football players and coaches
  • Exploration of the warm-up program 11+ in German young players

Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Regensburg:

University Medical Centre Regensburg
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