The UCT/MRC Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, University of Cape Town, together with the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, has been accredited as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence on 24th February 2009. The main focus of this unit is excellence in research, teaching and clinical service provision.

The research activities of the unit, which result in over 40 annual peer reviewed publications in international scientific journals, span many areas including prevention and treatment of sports related injuries, prevention and treatment of illness in athletes and the primary and secondary prevention of chronic diseases of lifestyle. Post graduate education is the second focus of this unit, and over 20 Masters and PhD graduates completed their studies every year under the direction of the academic staff.

Finally, this unit offers medical services of the highest standard in areas such as sports medicine, orthopaedics, radiology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports nutrition, and sports psychology. In the lead up to 2010 FIFA World Cup, this unit is actively collaborating with F-MARC in research projects, and it will be one of the designated medical care centres for football players during the competition.