Santa Monica Orthopaedic Group is a private orthopaedic clinic composed of 11 orthopaedic surgeons and a physiatrist. We are four Sports Medicine fellowship trained sports orthopaedic surgeons and one fellowship trained hand surgeon. To optimise your physical, mental and emotional health as a football player, you will benefit from our multi-disciplinary approach on which we have depended for more than twelve years. Our specialty consultants are experts in their fields and hand picked from a metropolitan area rich in first rate clinicians and scientists.

Prevention has and will be our mission for the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation that have addressed two common injuries in football. First, our research team developed the PEP (Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance-programme), a twenty-minute alternative warm-up programme to actively address some deficits present in female footballers with the ultimate goal of preventing ACL injury. Regular performance of PEP leads to a considerable reduction of the risk for ACL injuries. Approximately 2000 PEP videos/DVDs have been distributed worldwide. The second focus of our collective prevention efforts has been devoted to groin related injuries in male players and is based on Pilates rehabilitation theory. This programme, like PEP, is designed as a warm-up programme in order to increase compliance and combat fatigue issues.

We provided leadership to the local organising committee in organising and providing medical coverage for the 1999 and 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup as well as for several CONCACAF Gold Cups for men and women. We have provided match and team coverage for the US Men's National teams since 1991 including 4 World Cups and Chivas USA from 2005 to the present. In addition we serve as medical liaison for services to the US Soccer's development programme for players, referees, and coaches at the National Training Center in Carson, California.

Apart from prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, we also have partnered with Athletes Performance International (API) headed by Mark Verstegen. This component of the program will focus on state of the high performance training ,preparation and prevention of soccer players from the youth to the highest elite and professional levels.

Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence at Santa Monica:

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