The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center is, in collaboration with Olympiatoppen (the Norwegian Olympic Centre) and Orthopaedic Center, Ullevål University Hospital, accredited as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. The program combines academic orthopaedic surgery in a medical school setting with a sports medicine clinic for Olympic athletes and a large research center primarily geared towards prevention of injuries and diseases.

The aim of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center is to prevent injuries in sports through research on risk factors, injury mechanisms, and injury prevention methods in sports, with a particular focus on football injuries. The center also includes laboratories for advanced cardiopulmonary investigations. Next door, the Health Department at the Norwegian Olympic Center offers a wide variety of sports medicine services, while additional clinical exams and surgical procedures take place at the University Hospital, which is conveniently located just down the hill.

The center has a major commitment to football medicine, generating research in the field of football injuries and injury prevention. As an example, a new study published in the prestigious British Medical Journal shows that a 20 minutes warm-up program (The 11+) developed by the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center in collaboration with FIFA significantly reduces injury risk in female youth football players.

Ongoing football projects:

- Risk factors for ACL-injuries among Norwegian elite female football players

- Electronic injury surveillance system in Norwegian elite male football

  • Surveillance of head injuries
  • Surveillance of  injury trends
  • Surveillance of injury mechanisms and causes
  •  Compliance with injury registration in medical teams of the elite clubs

- Risk of injury on artificial turf in male Norwegian elite football

- Goalkeeper injuries in Norwegian elite football - frequency and mechanisms

- Risk of injuries on artificial turf in youth football

- Risk of injury and football skills in female youth football

- Injuries among football referees

- Injury frequency and injury characteristics in female football players in Kenya

Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Oslo:

Tone Øritsland
Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
P.O. Box 4014 - Ullevål Stadion
NO-0806 Oslo