ASPETAR, the region's first specialised Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, provides the best possible medical treatment and services to all athletes and sports players in a state-of-the-art hospital. ASPETAR features centres of excellence for sports medicine, sports science, orthopaedics and rehabilitation.

ASPETAR meets international standards in its treatment of football medicine injuries and orthopaedic problems and uses established best-practices and the latest technology to guide patients through rehabilitation to complete recovery. 

In 2008, ASPETAR was officially accredited as a FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Medical Centre of Excellence.

The ASPETAR Mission:

To Assist players in Achieving their Full Potential

State-of-the-Art Facility

A 50-bed orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, ASPETAR aims to set new standards in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and research. ASPETAR facilities also include an environmental chamber and 24 normobaric hypoxic rooms that can accommodate up to 48 people in an environment that reproduces a high altitude setting.

The hospital's state-of-the-art facilities feature four digital operating theatres, linked to an education centre, 50 in-patient beds in two wards and a six-bed ICU (Intensive Care Unit).


ASPETAR has a proud history of providing the latest medical services through experts internationally recognised for their skills and experience at the highest levels of sports medicine and orthopaedic care. ASPETAR is represented by an international team of experts including Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Sports Scientists (physiologists, psychologists, podiatrists, and dieticians), Radiologists, Dentists and Internal medicine doctors.

Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Sports Department:

Its mission is to assist athletes achieve their full potential. The Sports Medicine Department is comprised of four divisions:

  • Sports Medicine provides each athlete with an individualised programme in preparation for their sports performance and treats a full range of sport injuries.
  • The National Sports Medicine Programme provides effective prevention, injury and illness management and improvement of performance for the elite athlete population in the State of Qatar.
  • Sports Sciences aims to optimise the sporting performance and health of athletes and sport players.
  • The Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Department focuses on musculoskeletal injuries and orthopaedic sub-specialties.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department:

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at ASPETAR is dedicated to returning all patients to their pre-injury lifestyle quickly and safely. They provide a comprehensive range of services including assessment of musculoskeletal problems, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Strength and Flexibility Deficit and Imbalance Correction, Sport Specific training among many other rehabilitation programmes.

Research and Education Centre (REC)

ASPETAR's Research and Education Centre (REC) is responsible for the management and organisation of research and educational activities within the hospital. While the main research focus of the REC examines neuromuscular and cognitive disturbances with hyperthermia, the REC is also responsible for population health screenings; and hosting various conferences and symposia.

Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Qatar:

Dr. Mohammed G.A Al Maadheed
Aspetar General Director
Aspire Foundation
P.O. Box 29222
Qatar - Doha

e-mail: :m@aspetar.com