FIFA, along with the International Ice Hockey Federation, International Olympic Committee and the International Rugby Board will host the third international Concussion in Sport Conference on 30-31 October at the Home of FIFA in Zurich.

Elite members from the medical community will converge in Switzerland to discuss the latest research in this field. On the first day, a conference will see a range of experts from across the globe exchanging their knowledge and latest research. The following day, a group of medical specialists will draft a consensus statement on concussion in sport.

The conference will also examine how best to deal with cases of concussion when they happen, and will reinforce the need to prevent such injuries in competition at all levels.

The prestigious British Journal of Sport Medicine will publish a special supplementary issue which will include each of the presentations made during the conference in full, as the worldwide medical fraternity anxiously awaits the latest findings and research.

The symposium will include some of the top current experts in this field including: Dr. Paul McCrory of Australia, Dr. Karen Johnstone of Canada, Dr. Bob Cantu of USA and Dr. Jiri Dvorak of Switzerland, to name a few.

For more information about the conference and the complete list of presenters, please contact

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24 Jun 2008