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Technical Activities

Education activities

Coaching, OtherMA/confederation coaching courses 2016-12-06 - 2016-12-11LABSY Zakaria (France)
CoachingMA/confederation coaching courses 2015-11-17 - 2015-11-22FIGGE Jochen (GER)
CoachingMA/confederation coaching courses 2015-11-07 - 2015-11-16FIGGE Jochen (GER)
CoachingMA/confederation coaching courses 2014-04-10 - 2014-04-15FIGGE Jochen (GER)
GoalkeepingGoalkeeping2013-09-16 - 2013-09-20VENCEL Alexander (SVK)
CoachingMA/confederation coaching courses 2013-09-06 - 2013-09-10BADER Abdul Jalil Sh. Ahmad (KUW)
Coaching, OtherMA/confederation coaching courses 2013-06-08 - 2013-06-12NUTTAL Frank (SCO)
YouthMA/confederation coaching courses 2012-10-06 - 2012-10-10BATE Richard (ENG)
GoalkeepingMA/confederation coaching courses 2012-03-11 - 2012-03-15VENCEL Alexander (SVK)
AdministrationMA/confederation administration courses 2011-11-16 - 2011-11-21MAYNE NICHOLLS Harold (CHI)
CoachingMA/confederation coaching courses 2009-08-02 - 2009-08-12SH FESTOK Ahmed (QAT)


Futsal coaching, Futsal refereeingFutsal courses2010-04-11 - 2010-04-15HERMANS Victor (NED), FILPPU Jyrki (FIN)


GrassrootsGrassroots2015-10-17 - 2015-10-22LAHRACHE Jamal-Eddine (MAR)
GrassrootsGrassroots2015-09-24 - 2015-09-29LAHRACHE Jamal-Eddine (MAR)
GrassrootsGrassroots2014-11-25 - 2014-12-01SOUQAR Nihad (JOR)
GrassrootsGrassroots2012-04-07 - 2012-04-19LAHRACHE Jamal-Eddine (MAR)
GrassrootsGrassroots2010-04-04 - 2010-04-08CONZ Jean-Marie (SUI)

PERFORMANCE activities

MA assessmentAssessment2010-03-09 - 2010-03-11COX Michele (NZL)
Implementation2010-05-03 - 2010-05-06GRIMM Thomas (SUI)
MA assessment, General secretary mentoring, Leadership retreat, Organisational reviewStrategic2011-04-04 - 2011-04-08BORJA David, ALKHAKTSI Nodar, GRIMM Thomas (SUI), CONZ Jean-Marie (SUI)
ITImplementation2011-10-19 - 2011-10-25MICHELS Christian
ITIncentives2011-12-01 - 2011-12-01
Annual reviewStrategic2013-02-19 - 2013-02-21SCHUEEPP Marco, AL ABWEH Majed, NIJKAMP Gerard, PIPE Kevan
Event management and competitionsImplementation2013-02-26 - 2013-02-28PIPE Kevan, AL ABWEH Majed
Technical – otherImplementation2013-09-24 - 2013-12-14FIGGE Jochen
CommunicationImplementation2014-10-13 - 2014-10-14ODRIOZOLA Pekka, Majed Al Abweh
Communication, Marketing and revenue generation – generalImplementation2014-11-14 - 2014-11-16COAN Ed
Annual reviewStrategic2015-03-10 - 2015-03-14MARECHAL Etienne, COAN Ed, AL ABWEH Majed, GUILLEMONT Frederic, FIGGE Jochen


Refereeing, WomenRefereeing courses2015-05-29 - 2015-06-02ALHAFI Ismail (JOR), WAWERU Gladys (KEN)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2015-05-24 - 2015-05-28ALHAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2014-06-20 - 2014-06-24AL HAFI Ismail (JOR)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2014-06-08 - 2014-06-12AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2013-10-01 - 2013-10-05AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2012-12-05 - 2012-12-09AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), ,
RefereeingRefereeing courses2011-05-31 - 2011-06-04AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA), ALHAZMI Salman (QAT)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2010-11-12 - 2010-11-16BALLAN Hani (QAT), ALHAZMI Salman Hassen (QAT), AL HAFI Ismail (JOR)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2009-03-27 - 2009-03-31BALLAN Hani (QAT), AL HAFI Ismail (JOR)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2008-12-10 - 2008-12-14AL HAFI Ismael (JOR), BALLAN Hani (QAT)

Women's football

Refereeing, WomenRefereeing courses2015-05-29 - 2015-06-02ALHAFI Ismail (JOR), WAWERU Gladys (KEN)
WomenRefereeing courses2012-12-10 - 2012-12-14WAWERU Gladys
WomenWomen's football courses2012-03-31 - 2012-04-07SELBY Connie (AUS)
WomenWomen's football consultancy2012-03-27 - 2012-03-30SELBY Connie (AUS)
WomenWomen's football courses2011-09-17 - 2011-09-21SELBY Connie (AUS)
WomenWomen's football consultancy2010-09-27 - 2010-10-07STAAB Monika (GER)
WomenWomen's football courses2009-10-02 - 2009-10-07SELBY Connie (AUS)
WomenWomen's football consultancy2008-06-30 - 2008-07-04STAAB Monika (GER)