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Technical Activities

Education activities

OtherSeminar/Symposium2015-05-18 - 2015-05-19VENCEL Alexander (SVK), ALEINIKOV Serguei (RUS)
GoalkeepingGoalkeeping2014-11-10 - 2014-11-14AL BARTAMANI Haroon Amur Hamed (OMA)
Coaching, OtherMA/confederation coaching courses 2014-10-07 - 2014-10-11MOHAMED Thiyabat (JOR)
CoachingFuturo III – coaching refresher2011-12-15 - 2011-12-21MOHASES Morteza (IRN), FIGGE Jochen (GER)
AdministrationMA/confederation administration courses 2011-07-24 - 2011-07-28WIJETHILAKE Prageeth (SRI)
CoachingFuturo III – coaching2010-11-12 - 2010-11-23MOHASES Morteza (IRN), FIGGE Jochen (GER)
GoalkeepingMA/confederation coaching courses 2010-08-17 - 2010-08-21LEITERT Hans (AUT)
CoachingFuturo III – coaching2008-08-20 - 2008-08-31CONSTANTINE Stephen (ENG), MOHASES Morteza (IRN)


FutsalFutsal courses2015-12-22 - 2015-12-26MOZAFAR Shahrzad (IRN), RUBIO Meritxell (ESP)
Futsal refereeingFutsal courses2012-02-08 - 2012-02-12GAUTIER Perry (BEL)
Futsal coaching, Futsal refereeing, WomenFutsal courses2010-09-11 - 2010-09-15HERMANS Victor (NED), GAUTIER Perry (BEL)
Futsal coachingFutsal courses2009-12-04 - 2009-12-08HERMANS Victor (NED)
Futsal refereeingFutsal courses2009-06-17 - 2009-06-22GAUTIER Perry (BEL)


GrassrootsGrassroots2014-11-23 - 2014-11-27ASKAR LALI Ali (AFG)
GrassrootsFuturo III – Grassroots2011-11-08 - 2011-11-12KRIETE Horst (GER)
GrassrootsGrassroots2011-10-22 - 2011-10-27LALI Ali (AFG)
GrassrootsGrassroots2010-12-01 - 2010-12-06LALI Ali (AFG)

PERFORMANCE activities

2009-03-09 - 2009-03-13ZANITTI Urs, CASALETTI Emy
2009-11-23 - 2009-11-26CASALETTI Emy (RSA), PIPE Kevan (CAN)
Organisational review2010-05-08 - 2010-05-12GRIMM Thomas (SUI), COLLIE Chris (CAN), PIPE Kevan (CAN)
Strategy and planning2011-06-10 - 2011-06-13PIPE Kevan (CAN), ABDULLAH Suleiman
Technical assessment2011-06-11 - 2011-06-15RUTEMOELLER Erich (GER), SULEIMAN Abdullah, KRIETE Horst (GER)
Event management and competitionsImplementation2013-04-22 - 2013-04-24AKHALKATSI Nodar, DO-Amman, Jordan, JOHN Windsor


RefereeingRefereeing courses2015-11-10 - 2015-11-14ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2015-09-10 - 2015-09-14ALHAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2014-11-07 - 2014-11-11ALHAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2013-09-24 - 2013-09-28AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2012-05-26 - 2012-05-30AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), ALHAZMI Salman (QAT)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2011-06-11 - 2011-06-15AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), ALTRAIFI Ali (KSA), ALHAZMI Salman Hassen (QAT)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2009-10-08 - 2009-10-12AL HAFI Ismail (JOR), BALLAN Hani (QAT), AL HAZMI Salman Hassen (QAT)
Refereeing, WomenRefereeing courses2008-11-20 - 2008-11-26HUNT Sandra (USA)

Women's football

WomenGirls' festival2016-09-05 - 2016-09-08
WomenWomen's football courses2015-11-21 - 2015-11-25WISSINK, Marleen (NED)
WomenWomen's football courses2015-10-14 - 2015-10-18MORACE Carolina (ITA)
WomenGirls' festival2015-09-05 - 2015-09-05
WomenWomen's football courses2014-12-01 - 2014-12-05STAAB Monika (GER)
WomenWomen's football courses2011-11-21 - 2011-11-25STAAB Monika (GER)
Beach soccer coaching, WomenBeach soccer courses2010-09-13 - 2010-09-17MENDES Marcelo (BRA)
Futsal coaching, Futsal refereeing, WomenFutsal courses2010-09-11 - 2010-09-15HERMANS Victor (NED), GAUTIER Perry (BEL)
Refereeing, WomenRefereeing courses2008-11-20 - 2008-11-26HUNT Sandra (USA)
Com-UnityCOM-UNITY2006-04-25 - 2006-04-27ALMIRALL Alberto (PAR), GLEESON Mark (RSA), RILEY Ian (RSA), DICKENS Les (ECU)