Limited number of FIFA Confederations Cup tickets to be made available
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A limited number of coveted tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup matches – the opening match, the final and the two other group matches featuring Brazil, against Mexico and Italy – will be made available for sale exclusively on on Tuesday, 11 June at 09.00 local time (14.00 CET). The tickets were returned by the teams and other constituent groups.

“To ensure fair and equal access to these highly popular matches, we decided to make them available online only on FIFA’s official event website, especially as we expect them to be sold out within minutes. The decision not to sell these tickets over the counter was made in order to avoid people having to travel to one of the FIFA venue ticketing centres with only a very small chance of actually obtaining one,” explained Thierry Weil, FIFA’s Marketing Director.

In total, some 3,800 tickets will go on sale for the opening match in Brasilia on 15 June between Brazil and Japan, around 3,700 for Brazil v. Mexico (match 5), just under 3,000 for Brazil v. Italy (match 9) and more than 2,500 for the final at the Maracanã on 30 June.

So far, 688,340 tickets have been allocated, with about 145,000 still for sale. Tickets for all remaining matches apart from the opening match, the other group matches featuring Brazil and the final can be purchased online via and at any of the six FIFA venue ticketing centres.

Fans are also urged to pick up their tickets as soon as possible, as waiting until the matchday carries an inherent risk of not making it in time to the stadium. There are still many sold tickets especially for the early matches waiting to be collected, including more than 10,000 for the opening match in Brasilia, 31,000 for Mexico v. Italy and 21,000 for Spain v. Tahiti, with both the latter matches due to be played in Rio de Janeiro.

FIFA has significantly increased the number of priority collection slots that can be booked by fans using their ticket accounts on Even if they do not make a priority collection appointment, fans can still collect their tickets on any day at any of the six FIFA venue ticketing centres. Spectators can find all the information they need to prepare for the match in the ticketing guide that is also available on, by clicking on the link to the right.

FIFA would also kindly remind ticket holders who are attending the matches in the company of a minor or minors that they must always carry with them the necessary documentation as set forth in the applicable law in each Host City. Please note that the applicable law has recently changed in Fortaleza, Recife and Belo Horizonte. As a rule, all spectators need to bring their ID cards as well as proof of eligibility in the case of discounted tickets. Checks will be conducted at the stadium turnstiles.

Tickets allocated so far match per match* and remaining availability for purchase:

1 - BRS - Brazil v. Japan



2 - RIO - Mexico v. Italy



3 - RCF - Spain v. Uruguay



4 - BHZ - Tahiti v. Nigeria



5 - FTL - Brazil v. Mexico



6 - RCF - Italy v. Japan



7 - RIO - Spain v. Tahiti



8 - SAL - Nigeria v. Uruguay



9 - SAL - Italy v. Brazil



10 - BHZ - Japan v. Mexico



11 - FTL - Nigeria v. Spain



12 - RCF - Uruguay v. Tahiti



13 - BHZ - 1A v. 2B



14 - FTL - 1B v. 2A



15 - SAL - L13 v. L14



16 - RIO - W13 v. W14




* Please note that the above-mentioned allocations do not include complimentary tickets for media and VIP guests.