Be wary of email scams and internet hoaxes which may falsely claim to: (a) be part of a FIFA lottery, prize draw or competition; (b) need additional payment from you to guarantee tickets that you have won, or (c) require your personal information to secure tickets.
Please also note that prize draws and competitions offering tickets to the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 can only be held by companies who are commercially affiliated with FIFA, such as, for example, sponsors. For a list of official FIFA Sponsors and Commercial Affiliates, please click here

FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

The 2013 edition promises to be one of the most attractive tournaments ever from a sporting point of view, with four FIFA World Cup™ champions, including current holders Spain, as well as Italy, Uruguay and hosts Brazil – the latter making their record seventh consecutive appearance – all in the starting blocks alongside continental champions Mexico, Japan, newcomers Tahiti as well as the yet to be confirmed African champions. The FIFA Confederations Cup, set to take place between 15 June and 30 June 2013, can only increase anticipation for the FIFA World Cup™ one year later.
Protecting Against Unauthorised Sellers

Unfortunately many unauthorised operators are exploiting the excitement and passion of the FIFA Confederations Cup to lure unsuspecting customers to Brazil with empty promises of tickets, hospitality and travel plans. FIFA is committed to supporting all fans in their efforts to purchase tickets, travel packages and hospitality packages through safe and legitimate sources, and in doing so safeguarding the interests of all fans making this exciting football journey pilgrimage.

The Importance of Authenticity

All fans wishing to attend the FIFA Confederations Cup should be aware of the importance of buying authentic tickets through authorised sources and buying FIFA-approved hospitality packages. FIFA therefore confirms that:
• is the only online source for legitimate tickets sold outside of a package.
• Within, in addition to Tickets available alone, it is also possible to purchase Match-ticket inclusive official hospitality packages.  For further details please visit
•  Unofficial ticket offerings are extremely likely to involve tickets which originate from unauthorised sources.
• Tickets which originate from unauthorised sources are not valid and will result in the bearer not being permitted entry into FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 matches.
Supporting Authorised Distribution Channels

There are repercussions for fans as well as  for tournament organisers when tickets and hospitality packages are purchased from unauthorised sources. FIFA encourages fans to exclusively use official ticketing and hospitality channels, and to make responsible and informed choices.
Without the protections offered by authorised sources, fans run significant risks that the tickets they think they have purchased:

• Do not exist;
• Are offered in the hope (but not the guarantee) that the purported seller will be able to provide tickets at a later date;
• Are counterfeit;
• Are already identified by FIFA as being offered through unauthorised channels and have been rendered invalid;
• Are offered through unauthorised channels and are subsequently rendered invalid by FIFA;
• Do not permit entry to the stadium on match days;
• Are part of a group of tickets for which the seats in question are of a lower ticketing category than advertised or are in entirely different stadium location from each other;
• Are delivered too late;
• Result in security breaches (such as, for example, breaches of policies intended to separate rival fans).

FIFA also urges fans to be aware that their involvement in the purchase or use of such tickets may result in civil or criminal prosecutions. Ultimately, FIFA remains committed to the protection of the interests of all fans.
If at any stage you are in any doubt as to the legitimacy of any alleged source of match tickets, please contact MATCH Enforcement at

The MATCH Enforcement team can provide information to fans with queries relating to unauthorised ticket resellers.  Should you have any queries relating to the ticket application process through, or regarding ticket requests you have placed through, please contact so that your query may be addressed by the appropriate customer service team.  The Enforcement Team only responds to queries related to unauthorised resellers.