The Random Selection Draw Sales Period starts on 1st December 2016, at 12H CET / 14H Moscow Time, and will end on 19th January 2017, at 12H CET / 14H Moscow Time.

During the Random Selection Draw Sales Period in Sales Phase (1), Ticket Applicants may submit their Ticket Application at any time throughout this sales period, without any preference given in respect of the date of the submission (i.e. earlier submissions will not be preferred and do not have better chances of success than later submissions).

During this sales period, Ticket purchases are not processed as a real-time transaction, but FIFA will collect all Ticket Applications submitted during the entire Random Selection Draw Sales Period for the allocation of Tickets at a predetermined date after this sales period ended.

If demand for Tickets does not exceed the available inventory for a given Match and/or Ticket category, the available Tickets will be allocated to those Ticket Applicants that have submitted a Ticket Application for the respective Match and/or category. If demand for Tickets exceeds the available inventory for a given Match and/or Ticket category, Random Selection Draw(s) will take place to determine which Ticket Applicants will be allocated Tickets. All successful, partially successful and unsuccessful Ticket Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their Ticket Applications no later than 28th February 2017. If your Ticket Application is successful or partially successful, your payment will be automatically processed upon conclusion of the Random Selection Draw(s), and payment in full for your allocated Tickets must be received by the FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre.

In Sales Phase (1) it is possible to make payment for the purchase of the Tickets by means of the following payment methods:

Visa payment cards

FIFA accepts also other payment cards.

To apply for the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 tickets, please follow the steps:

1. Visit FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 ticketing website at

2. Open a Ticketing Account by providing your personal details.

You will be given the option to become a member of the Club, but please note that this is not required in order to apply for Tickets.

If you have already applied for Tickets during VISA Pre-Sale Period, you should use the same Ticketing Account.

3. Apply for Tickets by clicking on “Apply for Tickets”.

All Ticket Applicants will receive a confirmation for correctly submitted Ticket Applications by e-mail from the FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre).

Alternatively, international Ticket Applicants (i.e. persons not being a Russian resident) will be given the possibility to apply for Tickets using the downloadable Ticket Application Form.

In each Stadium and for all Matches FIFA will offer for purchase a dedicated allocation of Tickets for disabled people, people with limited mobility and obese people. For more information, please visit the Special Access Tickets section.

For further Ticketing information regarding the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 and the Ticket application process, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.