Electing the standout performer over the course of 90 minutes is one of the trickiest decisions to make in football, with over 20 candidates to choose from. The key questions are always the same: who played the best? The striker who scored the winner or the goalkeeper who kept his side in the game?

The selection of the Budweiser Man of the Match is always a hot topic of debate among spectators in the stadium and around the world, as is evident when those very fans are the ones making the decision. 

While there can be no doubt that football is a team sport, this is one area of the game where there can only be one winner. 

Three voting platforms 
At the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013, fans can vote for their favourite on one of three platforms from the half-time break onwards. 

The simplest way is to cast your ballot on FIFA.com, where you can make your choice in the MatchCast within seconds. The winner is announced there immediately after the final whistle. 

Alternatively, you can vote using the Budweiser app or via Twitter. With the latter, you need to use the hashtag #FIFA + trigram of the team + player shirt number - e.g. #FIFAESP10). 

Be part of the Festival of champions
So far, Brazil's Neymar (twice), Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Andres Iniesta (Spain), Nnamdi Oduamadi (Nigeria), Shinji Kagawa (Japan), Fernando Torres (Spain) and Diego Forlan (Uruguay) have earned the Budweiser Man of the Match honour. 

You still have eight chances to vote for your favourite before the tournament is out, so make your voice heard and take part in the Festival of Champions.