Coaches, players and fans alike are eagerly awaiting the draw for the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013, which takes place this Saturday in Sao Paulo. The main hall at the city’s Anhembi Complex will provide the venue for the event, which begins at 11.20 (local time) and promises to be quite an occasion, with 950 guests expected to attend, along with 600 journalists.

“Although smaller in scale than last year’s Preliminary Draw for the FIFA World Cup, held in Rio de Janeiro, the draw for the FIFA Confederations Cup involves the same degree of preparation and commitment to quality in all areas, such as accreditation, security, attending to the media, catering and transport,” explained Joana Havelange, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Organising Committee’s (LOC) Events Manager, who is in charge of operational planning and support at the draw.

“We can look on the FIFA Confederations Cup draw as a kind of test event in itself, as we’ll be going over our procedures in all operational areas,” added LOC Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Trade. “You always face challenges at these events and we learn not just to overcome them but to prevent these problems from coming up again in the future. The delegations of the seven teams who have already qualified for the event are also being given information on the preparations for the tournament and its organisation.”

In preparation for Saturday’s show, takes you backstage and gives you all the numbers on an event that has taken a whole year to plan and 18 days to put together.

Guests: 950

Service provider staff: 1,200

Preparation time: one year

Set-up time: 18 days

Stands: 15

Private security staff: 326 (operating at the Anhembi Complex, the two official hotels and the restaurant)

Walkthrough metal detectors: seven

Security magnetometers: 19

X-ray machines: 17

TV feed: 22 rights-holders

Accredited TV broadcasters: 39

Accredited TV staff: 299

Media Rights Licensees contracted: 70

Media Rights Licensees on site: 34 (15 TV and 19 radios)

Extensive TV news coverage: 150 countries

Print media professionals: 380

Press room capacity: 350

Capacity of photography area in press room: 32

Press room seating capacity: 150

Volunteers: 168

Areas where most volunteers will be deployed: transport and airports (41), accreditation (36) and media (19)

Vehicles (cars, vans and buses): 74

Lorries: two weighing eight tons and one weighing 3.5 tons

Cargo van: one, weighing 1.1 tons

Meals to be served: more than 4,000

Catering staff: 20 in the restaurant and 150 at the cocktail reception

Food: 1.6 tons