Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany coach)
I would have rather have won 4-1, but that's football. The players have to learn. We have got three points and the win will give our players confidence, but we have a lot of work to do.

In the first half we had problems with cohesion. The forwards, midfielders and defenders didn't play well together, but eventually, by altering the system a little, we found a solution. Australia had an extra man in midfield, which made things difficult for us.

Mistakes were made, but we're a young team and making mistakes is human. We have to show that we have learnt from those mistakes in the next few matches.

Certainly there were nerves in the team tonight. They had to play the opening match of an opening tournament in front of their own fans. We also had to face a very good Australia side, who battled hard in midfield and attacked with intensity. Having said that, in the first 25 minutes of the second half, I think we did very well.

In the next few games there will be some changes, especially in defence. We want to change our teams to allow other players to get more experience. We need to allow our young players to develop.

I think Michael Ballack can be even better. In critical situations like the penalty kick, he is always excellent. He was important for us tonight.

Frank Farina (Australia coach)
It was a very open game. We hoped that we wouldn't concede in the first 20 minutes, but unfortunately we did. But I thought we bounced back well. When you score three goals, you think that you're going to get something, so I think we were unfortunate tonight.

When you make your plans for a game, you think that a match with Germany is going to be very tight, very close. But it wasn't like that tonight. However, we have the philosophy that if there's an early goal, we want to equalise as quickly as possible, so the game opened out the first goal.

I think there were two very controversial decisions tonight. I haven't seen the penalty decision yet, but I don't think Ljubo (Milcevic) touched him. I don't think contact was made, but until I see it, I wouldn't like to say.

However, the most crucial one, and the first, was the foul that led to our first goal. Robert Huth was the last defender, the referee called the foul – and he gave him a yellow card. He denied him a goal-scoring opportunity and the rules of the game state that he has to go. If he'd have been sent off, Germany would have been down to 10 men and things could have been different.

I thought we played very good football tonight at times. We deserved our goals. I don't think anyone in the stadium would say that we didn't deserve to score three. The Germans are a young side and they are improving all the time. Jurgen Klinsmann has been criticised, but you have to give young players a chance. They showed a lot of character tonight. Our players showed a lot of character, and I don't think it was easy for Germany.

It will be very difficult to progress in this tournament after we lost the first game. But there is still hope. If we win the next two games, then I think we will qualify. I don't think four points will be enough, so we have to go out with the intention of winning both games.

That is easier said than done. Argentina are one of the best, if not the best team in the world at the moment, but if we play the way we did tonight, we have a chance.