Jose Pekerman (AUS):
Argentina are on the right road. We have matured into a great team and played excellent football in patches. But there are still things that could be improved. The plan is to have a very strong team by 2006. I was not surprised that Ballack was on the bench. He was missing in the last game in February. That game was similar and the result is the same also. We have seen that Germany can play well even without Ballack.

Jurgen Klinsmann (GER):
We wanted to win. That was our objective. But I am very satisfied, even if we did not quite pull it off. The important thing is that the team has grown without Ballack. We sent them out like that deliberately because we wanted to share the responsibility around more evenly. That is why we replaced Schneider, to give Frings more responsibility. The draw is not the end of the world. We wanted to 'win big' to show beyond doubt that we can do it. But now we are working better together and we did not lose to a big team. Hildebrand confirmed what he has shown over the last three weeks. He has a solid grounding in the game. And he has an inner calm which he radiates. We are very happy with him. We can consider ourselves lucky to have such a good third goalkeeper. There was nothing he could do about the two goals.