The death of Marc-Vivien Foe produced an outpouring of emotion around the world. Here are some of the letters and emails received by football’s world governing body in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am writing to you from Turkey. I cannot find words to express my feelings. I am 30 years old, and it was the first time I saw death’s face on the field of this lovely game.But one consolation was seeing French players tears before the France-TurkeyGame. I could not stop crying either. Therefore, as a radio programmer (football programme), I will dedicate my programme to the honour of Marc-Vivien Foe and the spirit of humanity that I want to see on the pitch.
Tan M

I would like to send my deepest sympathies to the family members and loved ones of the late Marc-Vivien Foe, to the FIFA organisation, and the rest of the team players and all the other teams.

On the behalf of myself, family and all Guyanese, we would like to let you all know how sad we are at the passing of a great player. May his soul rest in peace.

A fan of international soccer.

I just wish to register my great sadness from a fan of the beautiful game inAustralia at news of the death on the field of battle of Marc-Vivien Foe andask that you pass on my condolences to his family, his footballing familyand to your staff. His death, at just 28-eight.years old, has robbed hiscountry and his fans of a great talent too early, but, more importantly, itmust be a tragedy for his family and close friends to lose such a vibrantand talented human being. I am so sorry.
John M

My daughter Catherine Smith, aged 11, has been deeply saddened, as our whole family has, by the tragic death of Marc-Vivien Foe this week.

Catherine has come up with a suggestion in tribute to him and has suggested that a fair play trophy or award should be commissioned and also named after him. She has suggested that this should be awarded to the team or player who most justifies it and could be awarded at the end of the tournament.
Barry and Catherine S

Hi, I am a native from Atlanta, Georgia and my family is from Bogotá, Colombia. My boys were at home watching the game when this tragedy happen. Please pass along to the Cameroon fans, family and friends of Marc that our thoughts and prayers are with them. To me, listening to my 10-year-old son explaining to me what he saw, was so upsetting. I feel this is something we will never forget.
The Polanco Juliao Family

I am a young Frenchman, and as I write to you, words almost fail me… Last night, I was sitting at the dinner table watching TV when the news presenter announced this terrible news. I was in shock for quite a few minutes. Later, I watched the French team’s match and saw the pictures of "Marco" and saw his French friends cry... And I had tears in my eyes too.

I didn’t know him well, as I only watch internationals, so had only seen him play a few times, but in my mind, I retain an impression of tranquil strength, of an abundantly gentle giant and what’s more, of a great player. And when I heard the tributes for in from former coaches, I knew that he was exactly as I’d imagined...

I know, people die all the time in this world, but as Arsène Wenger said, the last place you expect it to happen is on a football pitch, a place where everyone expects to see happiness.

My heart goes out to Marco’s family, his wife and three children, all his Cameroon teammates, who are fine players and fine men in general, and also to all his friends in the French and English leagues, who have just lost a valued friend.
Guillaume D

Goodbye Foe... we'll miss you...
Ioannis G

I am absolutely shocked and saddened by what has happened.By all accounts, the man was well loved by every person who has ever comeinto contact with him. This shows how well loved he was. He was a tremendous player. Buthe seems to have been a tremendous person, and to me that is the mostimportant part. I am sending you this e-mail from Ireland, and everyone ofmy friends has expressed their sadness for him and for his family andfriends.
God bless you Marc. May you rest in peace.
Republic of Ireland

I am writing this message for the champion.
Marc, when I first saw your team play, it became one of my favourites. And when I saw you fall, I cried.
Anna U

I want to begin by offering my condolences to all football lovers and a prayer that the soul of the Cameroon player Marc-Vivien Foé may rest in peace. No words can express the profound sadness and grief I feel.
As a lover of the game, I strongly feel that FIFA or the French football authorities should rename the stadium when Marc-Vivien Foé died in honour of him. It would be first and foremost a tribute to this fine player, but also to football lovers the world over.
Ing. Kanto M

I was watching the Cameroon-Colombia match on TV here in Tunisia and experienced all the horror of the final terrifying pictures of Marc-Vivien Foé. I feel as if my heart has been wrenched out. May God protect him in paradise!
On behalf of the entire Tunisian nation, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to all his family, friends and to Cameroon as a whole. We all share their sadness.
Romdhane D

Although it may seem insignificant amidst distress of this magnitude, could you please convey our kind and most tender thoughts to the family of Mr Foé?
As a woman, this tragedy has affected me terribly. May these thoughts help his family and friends to get through the worst and may time pass swiftly in order to assuage your grief and our own great sadness.
Mjo D

I’m a 16-year-old Cameroonian soccer player. Please, I really need you to publish this message, as it is for the Cameroon players, the Indomitable Lions themselves. Thank you….
Dear brothers, the Lions of Cameroon, the best of the best, I wish you all and Marc’s family my very great condolences. We, your countrymen, learnt of the death of our brother MARC VIVIEN FOE, yesterday evening, on the pitch he used to play on.

As a young Cameroonian player, I ask you to do something for me : bring the Confederations Cup back to our country. That will please our brother who is now up above with our father.
I implore you not to concede defeat, for our brother is still among us and wants you to succeed. He was a good, kind man, the cornerstone of the national side.
I wish you good luck and a safe journey home to our country with our brother (we want to see him…)
Dikouba B

Thank you for broadcasting the football match. Both teams were magnificent. Marc-Vivien Foé’s loss has left a great void. The end was very moving, with so much emotion.
Once again, sincere condolences to Mrs Foé, her children and his whole family.
Not forgetting the whole football federation and its team.
Nicole R