The pain and unforeseen nature of Marc-Vivien Foe’s death inspired many to write in a poetical form directly from the heart…

The heavens above

The heavens above
lost their radiant blue that fateful day
And the burgeoning greenery
of the plants and trees mask hidden grief
When not so clement Mother Nature abandoned her son
The swallows ceased their joyful twitter
And the horizon became shrouded in its mourning grey.
As at Gerland,
The indomitable “Lion King” fell to the ground.

Our songs were cut off mid chorus
The drums fell silent too,
As an orphaned Africa mopped its tears.
And where once there was joyful dancing
is now sadness, desolation and despair.

The Lion abruptly sheathed its claws, its fine mane contorted.
There he lay, still and unbreathing, a recumbent effigy upon his deathbed.
United as one nation, our prayers and beseeching fell on deaf ears, as the Almighty slept, made weary by our endless pleas.
And so, King Marco slept too.

Be proud, for you sacrificed yourself for your country’s cause and all of African football.
Your children, your wife, your fans, your people and an entire continent are crying for you
Immortal glory to you, our hero of 26th June.
A good king, you held onto your crown until that fatal moment.

Take heart!
Take heart, dear Lions!
Take heart in all your struggles!
Take heart, for victory is yours.

Goodbye fine moves.
Goodbye tremendous skill.
Goodbye best dribbles.
Goodbye great goals.

Here’s to you, Marc Vivien Foé, brave lion cut down in your prime, and here’s to you the “Indomitable lions”

Franck Euloge K. Dossou-Yovo

To Foe

One has to die
expecting no returns
no compensations
in this field
in this land

Death is waiting to put you down
down under
and in this playground
or is it a battleground?
you're closely watching your opponent
but alas,
you're missing the real one
death, the divine.

what a joy, what better fate
to be born from this soil
only to forever lie down
in its holy green pasture
once again
for all time

'Marc-Vivien Foe' could die
all alone in silence
like too many others
that have gone before
flowers and followers abound
shedding a few tears
accompanying him
to a cold dark grave

and that's how
it would have been...
but instead
he went down
where he could do the deed
the grassy green field
where his name had come from

Isn't it the best way of dyingafter all
the best of places
the best of time
long before the game is finished
your game of life is over and done?

Isn't it the best way of dying
in health
in fight
proud and upright?

and it doesn't matter any more
for all who watched
where you were born
where you had come from
France or Cameroon
Italy or Iran...
it's your living spirit
even though you died
that makes soccer go on
and soccer will carry your name
for all time

How I wish
I was the one
kicking and alive
How I wish
I was the one
who disappeared
silent yet so proud
into the ground
and where could I have found
a grave greener
than a soccer playground?

I would carve
on your stone
'In the forever green fields
of Europe lies a man
a lion from Africa
who suddenly died
fighting and playing
like a hero of old times'

Vivien lived for soccer
that he knew no frontiers for
and died for its hope
went so far
he even gave up
his own life

Shahram Vaziri

Marc-Vivien Foé

One Thursday afternoon, precisely the 26th of June 2003, as God was taking a walk in his flower garden, he picked a beautiful blossoming rose. That rose was Marc-Vivien Foe.

Death, once again reared its ugly head. It nipped a young promising life in the bud.

Cameroon, being my most favourite African team outside Kenya, his death pains me a great deal. The entire soccer fraternity has lost a great person and player. Rather than mourn, I think it were better if we celebrated his life while he lived. He alongside his team-mates revolutionised football on the African stage and the world. Certainly, the Indomitable Lions will never be the same again. They were great because he lived and because he played for them.

May his soul rest in eternal peace “Mungu amlaze mahali pema peponi”.

He will be dearly missed

Stephen K