The referees who will take part in the FIFA Confederations Cup are now known. They have been chosen as a group of three for the first time in a FIFA competition - a new development with the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ in mind. ( Read the article ).

A short biography of the 27 referees and assistant referees, displaying a photo, nationality, and other personal details, can be viewed in the refereeing section of Referees for the FIFA Confederations Cup .

The 27 referees and assistants:

Referee: Moradi, Masoud (IRN)
Assistant: Saeed, Mohamed (MDV)
Assistant: Hiroshima, Yoshikazu (JPN)

Referee: Codja, Coffi (BEN)
Assistant: Adjovi, Hugues (BEN)
Assistant: Aderodjou, Aboudou (BEN)

Referee : Batres, Carlos (GUA)
Assistant : Salinas, Reynaldo (HON)
Assistant : Ramirez Diaz, José (MEX)

Referee: Larrionda, Jorge (URU)
Assistant: Cresci, Fernando (URU)
Assistant: Rial, Walter (URU)

Referee: Amarilla, Carlos (PAR)
Assistant: Cano, Nelson (PAR)
Assistant: Bernal, Manuel (PAR)

Referee: Shield, Mark (AUS)
Assistant: Ouliaris, Jim (AUS)
Assistant: Lockrey, Stewart (AUS)

Referee: Merk, Markus (GER)
Assistant: Muller, Heiner (GER)
Assistant: Wierzbowski, Maciej (POL)

Referee: Cardozo Cortez, Lucilo (POR)
Assistant: Pinheiro Devesa N., José M. (POR)
Assistant: Silva Cardinal, José M. (POR)

Referee: Ivanov, Valentin (RUS)
Assistant: Krasyuk, Gennady (RUS)
Assistant: Dupanau, Yury (BLR)