Ten years since it was first launched in 1993, the fair play logo has evolved to incorporate a slogan giving it even more impact: “My Game is Fair Play”. This evolution is not mere words but represents FIFA’s renewed commitment towards fair play and a greater sense of responsibility towards the pressing social causes of modern times.

FIFA’s Fair Play Campaign involves much more than simply promoting fair play on the pitch during a competition. In addition to its numerous activities designed to improve the sporting environment for everyone concerned in football, FIFA is committed to encouraging fair play in society too, leading by example and showing fairness, impartiality and solidarity among all of its groups.

“As world football’s supreme body, FIFA is responding openly to its social duty as an organisation of international status and renown. It also acknowledges the prominent role of sport, and especially football, as a vehicle for delivering clear and firm messages to eradicate the huge blights undermining society around the world.” The quotation from FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter unequivocally illustrate FIFA’s commitment to fair play as a far-reaching concept for demonstrating social responsibility.

In this connection, FIFA has set up strategic links with international organisations that have long-established aims, such UNICEF, WHO, ILO and SOS Children’s Villages, to link up the power of football with the experience and ability of those who, day by day and side by side, are striving tirelessly to make a better world.

The new image of FIFA’s fair play campaign can be seen on boards placed around the pitch during the matches in the FIFA Confederations Cup France 2003. Furthermore, video clips of examples of sporting spirit will be projected onto the giant screen in the Paris stadium and be included in the international television signal before the kick-off to each game.