Meeting in Paris on 23 June 2003, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee discussed slogans on players’ undershirts as well as the conduct of team officials in the technical area.

In a letter to the four semi-finalists – Cameroon, Colombia, France and Turkey – the Committee pointed out that it had “noted that the behaviour of several coaches and officials does not comply with Law 5 of the Laws of the Game”. The teams were informed that the Disciplinary Committee would “impose harsh sanctions on such conduct”. The heads of delegation were requested to inform the players and officials accordingly.

In another letter concerning slogans on undershirts, the Committee reminded the teams that “it is forbidden to show wordings or pictures of any kind in this manner. Such conduct breaches Law 4 of the Laws of the Game. In compliance with art. 14 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC), the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has therefore decided to warn all players of the consequences of repeating such conduct”.

Both letters conclude by emphasising that “if such action is repeated, the Disciplinary Committee will be compelled to impose appropriate sanctions”.