The following disciplinary matters will be in effect during the 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup Mexico 99:

  1. Composition of the Committee
    The Disciplinary Committee will consist of Mr Marcel Mathier (Switzerland), Chairman of the Committee, and the members Mr Rafael Esquivel Melo (Venezuela) and Mr Horace Burrell (Jamaica).
  2. Yellow and red cards
    A single yellow card after the first stage will be cancelled. In other words, any player who is cautioned only once during his team's first three matches will begin the second stage with a clean record. However, any suspension from matches as a result of two yellow cards received in two different matches or from an instant expulsion will be effective on ensuing games.

Suspensions imposed or other sanctions taken by the Committee due to infringements committed during this Confederations' Cup which have not been entirely served when the competition ends, will be carried forward to the next official competition of the Confederation concerned.

When taking a decision, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee shall refer to the reports made by the referees, assistant referees and fourth official, commissioner, referee inspector and other FIFA officials present. It may also refer to television and video recordings as an additional method to the aforementioned reports. They may be used as evidence, but only as far as the disciplinary aspects of the case being dealt with are concerned and shall not affect a referee's factual decision.