On 4 July 1994, Brazil beat the US 1-0 in a round-of-16 match at World Cup USA 94 with national soccer TV ratings soaring to an unprecedented high. Some four years later another direct encounter was to go down in football history. "That was the greatest performance I have ever seen from a goalkeeper, it was an honour to be on the field with him" said Brazil's Romario about US keeper Kasey Keller after the semifinal of the CONCACAF Gold Cup as the United States beat Brazil 1-0 for the firsttime ever.

Keller denied Romario four certain goals in a first half performance highlighted by a stunning save from a point-blank header. While Kasey Keller certainly has fond memories, none of the Brazilian players called up for MEXICO 99 was part of the team that lost at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

In the other match of the day, Germany badly needed a big win against newcomer New Zealand to make up for the four goals against Brazil and to stay in the race for a semifinal spot.