Media are reminded that earlier this year, FIFA introduced a standardised system for timing goals and other incidents during matches.

This system is applied also during the FIFA/Confederations’ Cup, as at all other official competitions.

For example :

A goal scored after 32 min. 15 sec. is recorded as 33 – because it was scored in the 33rd minute.

A new system is also used for goals scored in the time added on for stoppages.

For example, a goal scored after 46 min. 30 sec. of the first half is recorded as 47+. The + sign indicates that the goal was scored before half-time, and not at the beginning of the second half.

Similarly, a goal scored after 92 min. 45 sec. is recorded as 93+. This makes very clear in which minute the goal was scored, instead of merely recording it as 90.