La Volpe salutes hosts
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Costa Rica's Argentinian coach Ricardo La Volpe on Monday said he took his hat off to his compatriots after a Lionel Messi-inspired showing brought a 3-0 win at the Copa America. "We couldn't do any damage to them. We couldn't get the ball. I said to the lads at half-time, 'guys, if we don't get a hold of the ball we're dead men.'"

La Volpe was proved right as, a goal down at the break to a Sergio Aguero opener, they soon fell two down to Aguero's second before Angel di Maria delivered the coup de grace.

Messi was a thorn in the flesh and La Volpe, whose side had beaten Bolivia to give themselves an outside chance of progress, said "it was like playing ping pong," as the ball kept on coming back into the danger zone - almost always delivered by Messi.

"They played very well," La Volpe said of the Argentinians, while adding his side lacked experience at this level.