Jose Manuel de la Torre, Mexico coach:
"Nobody likes to lose, especially to a late goal. Our gameplan today was to sit and wait for Italy, wear them down, and make the most of any space that opened up. In no way did we play a defensive game though. Just because you let your opponents bring the ball out doesn’t mean to say you’re being defensive. If we had been, then we wouldn’t have created all the openings we did. But we were up against a great side who were very well organised and made the most of their individual assets. That’s what made the difference."

Cesare Prandelli, Italy coach:
"It’s really important to get off to a good start in tournaments like this and I’m very pleased. It was very tactical game to my mind, with Mexico looking to make the most of any mistakes on our part. We worked hard though, we were the better side, and we came away with a deserved win. As for Pirlo, I don’t have words to describe what he did today. He’s the epitome of football and an example to everyone. He deserves a big round of applause. He gave us the lead and controlled the game. In contrast, Mario [Balotelli] needs to stop showing off his muscles. With celebrations like that, he’s only going to pick up pointless yellow cards."