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  • Mohamed HOMOS (40')



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23/11/2009 at 23:36
EgyStar (USA)
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20/06/2009 at 22:02
ItalyCanada (Canada)
I must say, aside from the Italians having the majority of possession and an incredible amount of shots(20), it is in the end what counts the most in any sport is the score line! Let's offer our congratulations to Egypt for playing not only quality soccer against Italy, but against Brazil as well! (Brazil needed a injury time penalty to secure the victory) All their goals have been of the highest quality, and todays goal was a prime example of that! No chance for Gigi Buffon. Anyways, I think the Azzurri will bounce back from this defeat, and continue through to the semi's! Viva L'Italia!
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20/06/2009 at 17:56
Mersal (Egypt)
Egypt played an amazing match with the " Azurri" and steal 3 points from their hands, we have to admit, this victory will keep on mind a years forward. And about our preformance with Brasil, i guess we played a very nice match and we respected a very huge team like Brazil just like we have done with Italy but bad luck with us as Kaka recieved a penelty to finish the match for them, but all of the world will say that we made an stuning preformance with them and i'm sure all of the teams will just think twice before they play with us. We are not an easy team to go throught from.
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