Answer quiz questions about the FIFA Confederations Cup correctly and you could win a priceless Official Kick Off Ball from a match at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013!

How do I win a Kick Off Ball?
For every match of Brazil 2013, we will be holding a quiz. Answer the quiz questions correctly and you could win a one-of-a-kind official adidas Cafusa Kick Off Ball. Each winner* will receive their special, used Kick-off Ball with a certificate of authenticity following the conclusion of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

How do I play the quiz?
You can access the quiz by clicking on the arrows located next to the matches below. When you enter the quiz page, you will see three FIFA Confederations Cup questions. Answer all three quiz questions correctly and you will be eligible to win the Kick-off Ball for that specific match*! If more than one user answers all three questions correctly, FIFA will select the winner at random from the full list of eligible users.

You can enter as many match quizzes as you like, but you only get one chance to submit your answers per match! So be sure to consider your answers carefully.

What are the quiz deadlines?
Each match-specific quiz will open at 00:00 (local time Rio de Janeiro) on the relevant matchday. The Quiz for each match will remain open for 24 hours only. You must submit your answers by midnight (local time Rio de Janeiro) of the relevant matchday.

Don't forget, to be eligible to take part you must be registered with the Club. If you aren't already, become a Club member now!

*The Kick-off Balls of the Opening and Final Match of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup will not be given away. Instead, the quiz winners of these two matches will receive a Cafusa football that was used during these aforementioned matches.