Guangzhou Evergrande and Al-Ahly are the last teams to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2013 presented by TOYOTA. Auckland City FC, CF Monterrey, Clube Atlético Mineiro, FC Bayern München and Raja Casablanca have already qualified before. Following the decision of the all participating clubs, FIFA released the official promotion trailer of the competition.

The artwork of the trailer depicts the beauty and passion of football through multiple cultures in the world. “The concept of the video, ‘Football – a global language which can unite all cultures and generations’, says it all. We are one month away from the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2013, the tenth edition of this prestigious competition and the first one to be played in Africa. Football fans all over the world are looking forward to great football and this is what we can see in the video”, says FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter.

The film is also composed with exclusive footage showing the numbers of highlight in the history of this competition. “FIFA Club World Cup, a dream-stage for people around the world. FOOTBALL, unite people around the world. TIME, a magic equally given to players and fans around the world.  These three elements are used in the film to lead the audience to the moment when the world “WAKE UP” with extreme excitement.  I also wanted this to be the world’s first and the biggest yet world’s ever synchro-countdown for the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2013.” said Creative Director of the trailer Kentaro Shihaku (GLIDER).

“In a divided world where we are often more aware of what separates then unites us, few things have the power to bring people of every race, creed and color together. In this film we see people in distant corners of the globe united by one universal language, one belief system and one passion: Football.  The characters in this film will never meet, nor will do they even know that each other exist, and yet they are- in a sense- brothers and sisters: They are coming together for the kick off of one of the most important tournaments on the planet: The FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2013 ” said Film Director of the trailer Andrew Lang (STINK).

Football fans can see the video on, YouTube and on the official Facebook page of FIFA Club World Cup.