Agadir’s history is tied to the sea. First settled by Berber fishermen in the 12th century, it attracted Portuguese traders in the 1300s, who used Agadir as their main trading post for traffic coming up the African coast for more than 200 years.

In 1541, the founder of the Saadian Dynasty, Mohammed Echeikh el Mehdi, expelled the Portuguese and ushered in a golden age. The Saadians developed the region’s agriculture and Agadir became a major port for trade of Saharan products such as sugar, olive oil, gold and spices.

Over the next four centuries, Agadir’s fortunes rose and fell, as other ports gained and lost favor. In 1911, Franco-German rivalry over Morocco reached a crisis point when Germany sent the warship Panther to protect its interests in Agadir, nearly sparking a major European war.

In the 1930s, Agadir regained prominence as a staging post for French airmail and as the world’s leading sardine port.

Nowadays, Agadir Is a favorite destination for European vacationers who delight in the warm weather and the fabulous seaside resorts that welcome them each winter. Agadir offers its visitors many forms of recreation, including golf, sailing, tennis, Jet Ski, scooters, windsurfing, surfing (with some famous surf and funboard spots) and dashing golden sand over its long beaches.

Modern hotels, luxurious resorts and a major development at the marina demonstrate the vitality of investment in Agadir, and a newly completed airport terminal is ready to welcome the hundreds of thousands of visitors heading south to enjoy this gem along Morocco’s southern coast.

Bathed in brilliant light, an endless beach stretches along the ocean shoreline, and a white city lies hidden away behind the dunes. Agadir is a paradise of fine golden sands and blissful sunshine all year round, and is just three hours away from some European capital cities.

There are 1,001 ways to experience Agadir!
First and foremost, of course, there’s simply getting away from it all – basking on the beach and lazing the day away in magnificent surroundings with an idyllic climate to sooth away the stresses and strains of modern life. It’s also an opportunity to combine tourism with physical well-being, trying your hand at one of the many sports activities on offer, or getting yourself back on form at one of the Atlantic thalassotherapy centres – you’ll go back home a new person! Capital of the Souss Massa region, Agadir is also a major centre of economic and cultural activity. Its coastline reaches southwards to the Saharan provinces and its hinterland stretches to the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Today, the city is Morocco’s largest fishing port, its new town a blend of modernity and simplicity with a wealth of luxuriant green spaces, wide avenues, flower-filled gardens and elegant contemporary architecture. Exploring the region, in discovery of its natural wonders and of the traditional Berber culture in which it abounds, will open your eyes to a breathtaking and unsuspected world – spectacular countryside, flora, fauna, different ways of life, architecture, arts and crafts, and daily fresh encounters. Your stay will leave you richer in emotions, knowledge and memories.

Football highlights
Hassania Union Sportive of Agadir (HUSA) are an emerging football power in Morocco, and have twice won the Moroccan championship. Moreover, the city of Agadir hosts the FIFA Grassroots festival.