"In 1990, we had the good fortune to play five successive matches in Milan. We played all three group matches at the San Siro, as well as our Round of 16 tie and the quarter-final. It was like playing every game at home. Also, it wasn't far for German fans to travel over the Brenner Pass for our games. The opportunity to play in a stadium like that was amazing. The coach ride to the stadium was always a great event, and when we went back to the hotel after, the streets were full of people celebrating with a sea of flags and horns blaring. It was fantastic!"
Rudi Voller, Germany international

"It was like playing at home for me of course. I'd played not just in Italy, but specifically in Milan, and when the official draw was made, we ended up playing our first five matches in Milan. It was an advantage for me and for the entire German team, as Jurgen Klinsmann and Andreas Brehme had also played there. We also had a bit of an advantage as the crowd were right there behind us, not only the German fans but the Inter Milan fans too, since we were part of their team. There was always a fantastic atmosphere at the stadium.
"Right from the start, we convincingly showed everyone we were determined to win the World Cup, not just in the first round but also in the last 16 against the Netherlands, which is always a special match. The Dutch had three guys playing for AC Milan and I think all the fans in the stadium were cheering for one team or the other. For the Italian fans, it wasn't Germany against the Netherlands but Inter versus AC Milan, while the Dutch and Germans in the crowd were obviously supporting their own countries. No, those were simply fantastic matches in Milan in a tremendous atmosphere."
Lothar Matthaus, Germany international

"Sometimes I have the actual feeling that the San Siro is my second home. I have played half of my 800 games for AC Milan at this fantastic ground! Also, the stadium was my father's home ground for a long while as well - it is thus really the 'Casa Maldini!'"
Paulo Maldini, AC Milan and Italy