"It is always a joy to play anywhere in the United States. But the memories that the Rose Bowl holds as the place where we won our first World Cup for over 20 years are almost too special to describe. It holds a special place in our hearts."
Romario, Brazilian international

"The Rose Bowl was not a typical football arena. It was quite an open stadium - not like the ones in Europe - and it was the biggest in the States. With it being the biggest and the fact we had so many Swedish supporters there, of course the atmosphere was great. It was a friendly atmosphere - the only ones that were mad were the Swedes!"
Martin Dahlin, Swedish international

"I cannot forget having to play against what seemed like 100,000 Colombians and then 100,000 Americans in the stands, and how we defeated both nations. I remember the heat was almost unbearable - we played in 40 degree heat in the middle of the day."
Ioan Lupescu, Romanian international