Tommy Smith, on the 1965 European Cup semi-final against Inter Milan
“We could have played Brazil that night and beaten them. When we heard the crowd I could understand how intimidating it was for the Italians. But it gave us a great lift. If the Italians thought they had heard noise in the San Siro I can tell you they had never experienced anything like the noise from the Anfield fans.”

Joey Jones, on the 1977 European Cup quarter-final against Saint-Etienne
“For me it was the greatest atmosphere I ever played in. There was a sense of anticipation about the game and it hit home when we heard that there were thousands of fans gathering around the ground early in the morning, never mind late afternoon. It was a real pressure game and the supporters played their part.”

Jamie Carragher, on the 2005 UEFA Champions League semi-final against Chelsea
“That atmosphere was better than anything I've known and I've been involved in some great nights. Even when we were warming up 40 minutes before the game, the crowd was as noisy as it's been for a long time. Normally you can hear the DJ playing his records, but even he was drowned out by the singing. We knew then it was going to be a special night. There's none better than our fans or Anfield on a European night."