"He could shoot with his left, with his right, and he had such vision that as soon as he got the ball he already knew what he was going to do with it. He was extraordinary."
Paolo Amaral, Brazil's fitness trainer at the1958 FIFA World Cup™.

"He was such a talented player with great control and vision - he read the game and he read positions. He had an arrogance but not in a bad way. He was a great player so why shouldn't he strut a little bit."
Bobby Charlton, England legend who played against Pele at the 1970 FIFA World Cup.

"We felt very good before the tournament. Pele was saying that we were going to win, and if Pele was saying that, then we were going to win the World Cup."
Carlos Alberto, Brazil's 1970 FIFA World Cup-winning captain

This debate about the player of the century is absurd. There's only one possible answer: Pele. He's the greatest player of all time, and by some distance I might add.
Zico, legendary attacking midfielder who represented Brazil at the 1978, 1982 and 1986 FIFA World Cups.

"When the World Cup came around, I had to find myself a new position in the team. There was no question that the No10 shirt belonged to Pele, the greatest player on the planet. As I was no Pele, I moved out to the left. He was the complete player: he had two great feet, unbeatable ball control, and was ruthless in front of goal."
Mario Zagallo, a team-mate of Pele's at the 1958 and 1962 FIFA World Cups and his coach at Mexico 1970.

"Pele is the greatest player of all time. He reigned supreme for 20 years. All the others - Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini - rank beneath him. There's no one to compare with Pele.
Franz Beckenbauer, West Germany's 1974 FIFA World Cup-winning captain who played alongside Pele for New York Cosmos.

"I was never one for idols. That said, I'm a good Brazilian and so it's only inevitable I look up to Pele. He's like a God to us - well, he is to me anyway. I think instead of calling the game football, we should call it Pele.
Romario, Brazilian striker who won the FIFA World Cup and the adidas Golden Ball in 1994.

"It's too bad we never got along, but he was an awesome player. That said, I must repeat that I don't like to compare myself to him."
Diego Maradona, Argentina legend and 1986 FIFA World Cup-winning captain.

When Pele scored the fifth goal in that Final, I have to be honest and say I felt like applauding."
Sigvard Parling, member of the Sweden side that lost to Brazil in the 1958 FIFA World Cup Final.

"Before the match, I told myself that Pele was just flesh and bones like the rest of us. Later I realised I'd been wrong."
Tarcisio Burgnich, Italy defender who competed against Pele in the 1970 FIFA World Cup Final.