"When he was young, I'd be cleaning the fireplace in the morning and I'd look round and there'd be another scout standing behind me. There were times when we had one in the front room and one in the kitchen. One said he'd double whatever was the highest offer we'd had. He didn't even ask what it was."
Cissie Charlton, his mother

"He had this mop of blond hair which stood up in the wind. I bet he wishes he had it now."
Billy Foulkes, former Manchester United captain on seeing him in 1953

"He was one of the greatest players I have seen - very much the linchpin of the 1966 team. Early in my management I knew I had to find a role suitable to Bobby's unique talents. He wasn't just a great goalscorer, with a blistering shot using either foot. Bobby was a player who could also do his share of hard work."
Sir Alf Ramsey, Charlton's former England coach

"Bobby Charlton had gifts to die for. He was basically a quiet man whose talking came from the magic of his boots. Wherever you went in the world the foreign football fans knew everything about Bobby Charlton. He was our Pele."
Alan Ball, England team-mate

"What Bobby could do better than anyone was score goals. Others may have scored more, but few scored more spectacular goals. But Bob was far more than simply a goalscorer - he was comfortable as a winger, a striker or midfield player."
Geoff Hurst, England team-mate

"I've never seen anyone go past players as easily as he did."
George Best, Manchester United team-mate

"There has never been a more popular footballer. He was as near perfection as man and player as it is possible to be."
Sir Matt Busby, Charlton's former Manchester United manager

"When I think about great sportsmen who have carried themselves the proper way throughout their career the best example is Bobby Charlton. He embodied to me what being great really is. Humility, feet on the ground, never changed. It's amazing that you can come through a whole career like that."
Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager