Who is the best coach of all time?
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"The perfect team isn’t the one where the coach merely transforms the players, but one in which the players make the coach a better person too," said Jose Mourinho in an exclusive interview with FIFA.com after Monday’s FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala. And if anyone knows what they are talking about when it comes to management, then it is the Portuguese supremo, who was named 2010 FIFA World Coach of the Year at the Gala event in Switzerland

There are a variety of different coaches to be found in the world of football today, and plenty more down the years. Some are highly rated former-pros who are admired by their charges for their experience and playing feats. Others are out-and-out tactical geniuses who can use their theoretical knowledge to thoroughly prepare their teams to take on any opposition. And then there are those with larger-than-life personalities, either authoritarians or incredible motivators.

Some of the best coaches combine a number of these attributes, though it is still possible to have success without them, provided you can have a positive influence on the team you send out. Another truism is that coaching is a highly volatile business, and very few at the highest level get it consistently right over a long period of time.

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